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Coded Entry Keypads

Coded Entry Keypads offer a high degree of security and convenience to managers, staff and buildings. A numbered code can be set up, to only allow certain people to enter particular buildings/doors, giving managers peace of mind that their belongings or data are all protected. These standard codes can be changed at any given time to enhance security to the certain door.Coded Entry Keypads Leicester

Coded Entry Keypads eliminate the worry over a break in by using a bump key. A bump key is a crafted or filed down key that is commonly used to open any lock the key blank will unlock. These are used by criminals, to quickly open a key lock that utilize a cylinder and tumbler design.

With the more sophisticated Coded Entry Keypad Systems, a personal identification number (PIN) can be set, these PINS are only knnown to the individual user. The keypad can also be incorperated as part of a door Intercom System outside the main entrance of a building. Coded Entry Keypads are one of the most simplest and cheapest forms of Access Control Systems currently available.



Coded Entry Keypads Leicester

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