CCTV Remote Monitoring

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CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring capability can be utilized to track activities in the areas such as: 

  • Car Parking areas
  • Banking & Finance organisations
  • Educational Institutes
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Transporting Companies
  • Storage Facilities & Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Plants & many more

The services include:

  • CCTV remote monitoring and recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Playback of remote video and audio
  • Emergency response
  • Intelligent monitoring (where the camera is zoomed onto an interesting event or activity, enabling concerned authorities to review more meaningful archived video data)

Remote CCTV Surveillance - whether CCTV is installed covertly or openly, modern digital communication technology enables a CMS (Central Monitoring Station) to monitor the situation anywhere in the world. Using telemetry, control can be maintained over cameras, lights, gates and even building management function. CCTV monitoring falls into two categories, reactive or proactive. Both of these require a different level of service. 

In both types of monitoring, there is no recorded evidence of what was seen and this is often used to assist the police in their enquiries. Historical evidence is use to supplement non-related incidents, enabling the police to build a case. CCTV in the public sector is governed by the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. It is their job to protect the interests of the public, not to spy on them. CCTV is also used to supplement Intruder Alarm Systems, providing confirmation that there is infact someone on site and that the alarm received was not a false one (e.g. an animal walking past late at night).

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