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Biometrics Security Systems

Biometric Security is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It delivers a highly advanced security solution for all companies, regardless of size or number of entry and exit points.

In brief, Biometrics means that the security of a system is controlled by your own body's unique product key (such as fingerprints, hand/palm geometry, iris, signature, voice and facial characteristics). It can also be integrated into your other existing security systems such as swipe card readers and audio/video entry systems.

Century Electronic Security Ltd will detect, supply, install and maBiometrics Security Systems Leicesterintain the latest Biometric Access Technologies to suit your specific requirements.


  • Eliminates cost and replacements of fobs, cards and tags
  • Improved accuracy
  • More secure as cods, cards, fobs and tags can be easily lost or stolen
  • Improves health and safety measures


We only stock, supply and install reputable and reliable products we know you can trust... 


Biometrics Security Systems Leicester

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Biometrics Security Systems:

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