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CCTV Cameras

Century Electronic Security Ltd has been installing quality Closed Circuit Television Systems since 1997 across the Midlands at commercial and industrial properties including shops, offices, factories, leisure complexes, local authorities and much more. CCTV has benefited from great improvements in technology over the years due to the positive impact that it has had on both the public and business organisations.

The Century Team are trained to a high standard and are able to provide CCTV installations, repairs and maintenance to many brands of CCTV systems; providing low cost solutions for any upgrades or repairs to faulty systems you may have. Our engineers will carry out a full maintenance check, ensuring that all CCTV systems are cleaned and functioning as they should be. They will check the quality, movement, wiring and focus of your CCTV system, carrying out an extensive service at affordable prices. 


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Why install CCTV

Closed Circuit Television is one of the best ways to monitor your commercial property. CCTV has high visibility security and when combined with access control and an intruder alarm it gives you a total security package. Listed below are just a few reasons why we install CCTV.

  • Crime Prevention
  • Property Prevention
  • Vehicle Crime
  • Health & Safety
  • Building & Work Monitoring
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Threatening & Abusive Behaviour
  • Drug misuse
  • Violence & Assault


CCTV System Choices - Analogue Vs Ip

When looking for a CCTV Security System for your home or your business, one of the main decisions you need to make is whether to go with an IP HDSDi or Conventional Analogue System. There are many differences between the two, yet the main difference is the way in which the video signal is delivered. 

 In the last 2 years Century have seen a massive swing from Conventional Analogue CCTV to IP and HDSDi CCTV. This is due to a fall in price and a rise in quality of the hardware. Please click here for the differences between the two types of systems and the associated benefits. Please click here for more information on the differences between the two types of systems and the associated benefits.

Please choose from the following options for more information...

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Remote CCTV Surveillance - whether CCTV is installed covertly or openly, modern digital communication technology enables a CMS (Central Monitoring Station) to monitor the situation anywhere in the world. Using telemetry, control can be maintained over cameras, lights, gates and even building management function. 

The Benefits of CCTV Cameras

CCTV Systems are imperative for all businesses, whether you operate an office of 5 or 100 or own a local shop.They are one of the best ways to ensure commercial security for your business or home property. But the question is, why should you have a CCTV system installed? Find out the main benefits of a CCTV System...


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